64. A Fridayinterview with Jesper Antonsen.

"In life be a warrior, not a worrier."

Who are you? Can you tell us a little about yourself?

- I am 34 years old; live out in the countryside with my lovely family which consists of my beautiful girlfriend, lovely son of 8 years our 3 cats, as well as a little new one on the way, which is coming in August. We have a large plot with nice large cozy garden, as well as a small forest.

On a daily basis I work as a bricklayer for 2-3 days a week and regularly look after my rental properties. The rest of the time I spend on Sextra.io and also spend some time on Viking plant food, as well as vlu-market, as I find that substantial solutions are the way forward.

But who am I as a person?

I'm honest. Says things the way they are and treats everyone the same. In my world, we are all Equal.

- I'm happy to face headwinds if I believe in what I'm doing and trying to create.

- I'm trusted! If we have a deal, we have an agreement! Hate to get burned off. . .

I think self-development is the way forward, as I constantly strive to expand my consciousness so that I can become the best version of myself. I Think it's important to reflect on what happens in one's life and why it happens! Sometimes, when everything is just shit, it's important to stay focused, and then try to separate things to analyze what went wrong and why it went wrong, so you can take something with you the next time a solution to a challenge is hard to find.

- Over the last few years I have become more and more aware of what is really happening around me/us. Right from what we eat and drink and the quality of it! As well as the quality of what we are told from TV, Radio, and Internet.

There are so many things going on in the world at once that it can seem incalculable to keep track!

If I may give you a friendly piece of advice: Think critically! Always ask what-how-why? If you are presented with new knowledge that you immediately dismiss as nonsense or outright stupid! Then ask yourself: Why do I have the attitude that I have? What has made me have that attitude? How can I be rejecting anything without actually getting into what I reject?

It is certainly something I personally think is extremely important, as I used to let everything around me dictate my thoughts, habits, feelings and attitudes and there by actions.

I love to stay fit, both physically and mentally. I've been playing a lot of sports when I was younger, football, swimming, karate, kick boxing, taekwondo, mma. Now time is mostly spend on strength training and ice-bathing! I think someone like Wim Hof is absolutely amazing.

Starting the day roll out of the hot bed, then go outside in February, chop a hole in the ice and jump in, really gives a lot of discipline. Just the thought of something cold from the morning sets off all the excuses you have, to escape the cold shock. I think it's an excellent way to push you out of your comfort zone.

I love to travel! For me, travel is a balm for the soul. Recently we were on Sri Lanka, and Maldives with my lovely girlfriend.

This was absolutely amazing to try. I also have a goal of climbing Kilimanjaro and exploring the world's largest cave named Son Doong, located in Vietnam.

In 2015 I took a mindfulness course, which was called ‘Let´s start over’. With 5 good friends at Peter Bystrup, who has the company Heart Contact.

Here I really opened my eyes to what I am - who I am - why I am who I am, as well as the opportunity to create the Jesper I wanted and the future I want. I could see that I had spent my time poorly on many random things; for time is the most precious thing we have here on this earth.

I went all in on studying mindfulness, reading books, and hearing audiobooks and lectures. When I was at work as a bricklayer, I always wore headphones so I could get as much out of the day as possible. Listening for a long period of time 5-15 hours daily.

I started studying what is happening in the world and thought it was really exciting, and thought that now was the time to act on some of the things I had learned!

In 2017, Jacob and I traveled to Peru, then on to the heart of the Amazon rain forest, to live in a small village for 12 days.

Here we were at a course where we drank ayahuasca 6 times total, and we were totally detoxed with all the herbal medicines and a strict diet, as well as fasting. It was an amazing experience but also a tough ride! When you come to looking yourself 100 % in the eyes of both good and evil. Which is not always the funniest thing, but on the other hand you come on the other side with greater clarity, as well as increased awareness. I even witnessed what you would probably call an exorcism, as you have in horror movies! I remember patting Jacob on the shoulder and jokingly saying, 'if that girl starts to climb the wall, we're gone.’ Hehe'. It has to be said, it was EXTREM INTENSE when it was on.

The girl felt much better when all that was over. Unfortunately, she had a bleak and terrible childhood. Through ayahuasca and plant therapy, she was able to get rid of some of the demons that were in her.

What is Mental Illness for You?

- To respond as broadly as possible. It's about being in balance/harmony with who you are and what you want.

Einstein said something factual: “You can't solve the challenge you have with the same awareness that created it.”

So, to get out of the challenge you are sitting in; you need to raise your consciousness, or in other words see things from a different perspective.

Ex. If you have a high-rise building of 30 floors, then you can see much longer and clearer from 20. floor than you can from 3. floor.

It is obviously very easy to write it! The challenge itself comes in doing it. When we talk about feeling mentally ill, there is only one who can get you out of the situation you are in - you! And there are many ways to do it, as there are many kinds of suffering.

But the short broad answer is that if you are on 3. floor you have to get to 10. floor. Etc.

What is your relationship with mental illness?

- Not much, I haven't had anything like that of a bigger nature myself.

But when I look back at the people that I know have had a hard time with it, I think the one thing that is missing is self-love and they are living in some sort of fear.

Your best tips for feeling good, which are these?

- To be with the people and animals I love.

- Being active, in terms of sports. I always have a great time after good strength training.

- To meditate, with some delicious sounds in my ears.

- After I've been in an ice bath or cold bath.

You are one of the founders of the website sextra.io which is an app where you can log in to find prostitutes. . . How did all this start?

- It started with me having a good friend who was very happy to buy sex, but he thought it was so difficult and very incalculable on the pages he used.

We talked about it one day and then he showed me the different naughty sides. I could see it wasn't easy, and then came the idea of creating a platform (Sextra.io). It should be fast, easy, and safe to find your next naughty experience in a safe and orderly way.

We have then spoken to many sex workers and user, as well as people who like sex dating and dogging to create the best platform for all the naughty experiences in a quick easy and safe way.

Can you tell us a little more in-depth how the app works?

Why do you need Sextra.io? (as User) Sextra.io - the world's innovative and secure ad portal. The site is made in collaboration with major customers and experienced sex workers, with industry experience of up to ten years. On the page you'll find innovative and unique features that prioritize security, naughty experiences and community – unprecedented on other ad portals!

Search, Smart-GPS & GPS-Security

These features allow you to search among the many profiles created on Sextra.io.

Our search function is designed so that the desired service can be found quickly and easily. This could, for example, be the case of sugardating, strip, dogging or escort.

At Sextra, we do not wish to compromise on the range of services on offer. The search feature also includes hair color, height and age, and more. Our Smart-GPS system makes it possible to see where in the country your wishes can be accommodated and the next hot experience can be lived out. At Sextra we also provide the opportunity to search for the individual user or sex worker. GPS-Security gives you the best security and is an unprecedented feature on other ad portals. You can safely enter your address as your exact location is hidden in a red circle with a radius of 500 meters. Only YOU decide who gets your address. All of this can be found under the "search" function on the front page.

What is Safezone?

At Sextra.io, advertiser safety is a top priority. We have therefore created Safezone, where you, as an advertiser, can feel 100 % safe. In Safezone, all Sextra advertisers work together to create the best working environment. You may know the principle from forums where customer-to-customer experiences are shared about the visit of an advertiser. The same principle has sextra made for the advertiser. The purpose is to stop people, who give advertisers unpleasant or degrading experiences. Safezone is their forum to share and warn, in an attempt to prevent other users from becoming the next victims. Before a profile accesses Safezone, the profile must go through our rigorous security check, which is carried out by Sextra's staff. Approved profiles are then given a "Verified by Sextra" badge on their profile. In addition to accessing Safezone, the advertiser also gives users on Sextra.io a stamp proving, that the images and profiles in question are authentic.

As an advertiser on Sextra.io, shout outs gives you a unique opportunity to attract attention. The advertiser can provide information about bargains, cancellations in their calendar or if they work in another part of the country and much more. All posts will appear on Sextra's 'Shoutout' lookup wall. You'll see the posts first, from the ones you follow. In Shoutout, the advertiser has, among other things, the opportunity to make #hashtags. For example, #Happyour10%, #comeandplay, #makesomeextraonsextra.

As a user on the site, you have the opportunity to communicate with the many other users on Sextra.io. It works exactly as you know it from other social media. In traditional advertising, it's up to the user to contact the advertiser. With Sextra's 2-way communication, the advertiser now has the opportunity to contact you. At Sextra, we make every effort to prioritize your discretion while giving you the best opportunity for a naughty experience. This feature can be found on the page you want under "Send Message".


On Sextra.io, you can follow your favorite users. That way, you can stay up to date on new initiatives, prices or where the next naughty experience is to find. This feature also makes it easier for you to recover past ads and offers. You can always see the ones you follow on your personal profile. When you are logged in as a user, you'll find a green and a red location tag while searching Sextra's smart gps map. They symbolize, respectively, the following: 'open' and 'closed' offers.

Many here in Sweden at least will certainly think this sounds both suspicious and has great opinions and prejudices about the whole idea of ​​sex purchases and an app. . .

- So they have a lot of prejudice! About how the world you'd rather ignore and sweep under the carpet works.

How many sex workers have you talked to to have an opinion on that? What does prejudice come from?

99% of the times are the thoughts and habits that may have been put into your consciousness/brain and are expressed; based on the image you have in your head of what it is.

The easiest thing in the world is to follow the flock, rather than stop and ask yourself.

Why do I have this opinion ? Hmm, and what has created it ??

What's behind me reacting the way I do? How is it, that most I know agree with everyone else?

“You are not responsible for the programming you received in childhood. As an adult, you are 100 % responsible for fixing it”

Can you explain what the idea and concept behind the app is?

- The idea is to create a platform that makes it safe, fast and simple to find your next naughty experience, no matter where you are in the world.

How many members have sextra today?

- We currently have 1500 users.

Isn't what you created illegal? Making money from prostitutes and encouraging others to buy sex?

- It is legal in Denmark and many other places, such as New Zealand, which is probably the country from which Scandinavia (Sweden) could learn the most.

There are hundreds of escort pages that offer the same service. We just chose to jump in the same boat as the sex workers and stand up! For them.

I have no problem with people wanting to both sell and buy sex. You are the master of your own body and life.

How have your loved ones, but above all, the public met the whole thing?

- Hehe, I get that question a lot!

Before we hit TV, Newspapers, Radio, etc. I had mentally put me in fight mode.

I had both heard and read about how people react when this topic comes up.

But to my surprise people were really open-minded about the hole thing

You have a past in sex purchases, which I suppose is an influencing and driving factor to the entire existence of sextra.io. If you start from your own theories in the first place. . .

Why did you choose to buy sex?

- I was in my early 20s and was with some friends on vacation. Then you're in town and you get something to drink, and were probably practically seduced by a sex worker - haha. I think she could see that I was easy to persuade, which I was, too.

Did you never feel bad afterwards?

- No, didn't think much of it at the time. I was very wild there (Fast and furious). But I'm well brought up, so I treat everyone with respect. At least to girls, so they had a good experience and so did I. She'd love to see me the next day.

How have your loved ones, met the whole thing?

They're all working on sextra.io now. Haha. . . No, but not what I know of!

They know they can say whatever they want. In fact, they think it's great that there are some who dare to stand up and say #Fuckprejudice and to stand 100% by it!

Why would you say men buy sex in general?

There could be 100 different reasons for that.

But something that I think goes back is that they will feel loved, feel presence.

An average sexual intercourse lasts about 6 minutes. If the customer is there 1 hour, what does the time go by?

Talking, cuddling up. As I mention in TV "women go to psychologist and men to sex workers".

And why are there usually more men who is buying sex compared to women?

- I think men are hornier in general.

Being a prostitute and at the same time getting this opportunity to come out more smoothly in the market through an app like sextra, must still has some consequences for the prostitute, both physical and mental?

What do you do to ensure the physical and mental feelings of the sex workers?

- We've made GPS security to take care of everyone on the map. We have created safezone, which is a safe place only for sex workers, where they can share good as well as bad experiences. This could be a way to greater understanding and better well-being; in a difficult situation is more dialogue with others who can feel and sense what you think.

Is there any opportunity for help and support if they feel bad or need to talk to someone? Insurance? Healthcare or treatment of various kinds?

- In time, it would be great to be able to offer it to them through sextra, but at the moment, unfortunately, it is only the help there is in the country in question. Whether you want to stop or think about starting.

What makes an app like yours just so good and positive? Mainly for the prostitute but practicing sex buyer.

- We have talked to many sex workers and major customers as well as people in the sex dating and dogging environment, to create the perfect platform for all the naughty experiences.

What everyone agrees on is that it should be quick, easy and simple to find your next naughty experience in a safe and orderly way. Which I feel we have created, however, we are far from done and we are coming up with new things, to sextra.

Finally, what does the future look like for sextra.io?

- We are in dialogue with some exciting, possible partners so that we can gain even more speed than we have now.

If you In 2-5 years wish to have a naughty experience, the first thing you think of is Sextra.

What happens next in your life?

- I'm going to be a dad again this summer, for which I'm very grateful. Other than that, I'm going to go full throttle with sextra. As well as helping my dear cousin with Viking plant food and VLU-market, which I really can see a huge sustainable potential in.

Where can people read more about you?

- I have a blog, I put up a little from my life where people are welcome to ask me questions.

Anything else you want to add?

Yes, I would share some of my favorite quotes.

- You only have the limits you set or you let others set for you.

- We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.

- Stop wishing - start doing.

- Rule your mind or it will rule you.

- The problem is irrelevant it's your response that matters

- Intelligence:  Not because you think you know everything without questioning, but rather because you question everything you think you know.